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The Authors and their Works

Brad Glenn
Brad is one of the three remaining original members of the Inkhorn Society. He has two books out, The Real World Monitor, which was written and workshopped by the Inkhorn Society, and Lemons on Venus, a collection of his short stories. When Brad isn’t writing and workshopping stories he’s a teacher, husband, and owner of far too many pets.


Darcy Rust
Darcy is an original member of the Inkhorn society. Winner of three of the last five hot dog eating contests held annually in his basement. He is the owner of several pieces of the Berlin wall and does not care if you think they are “just rocks”. Darcy enjoys writing fiction, comedy and about himself in third person. He is a published cartoonist and also produces obscure podcasts.


Samantha Mick
Samantha Mick is an original member of the Inkhorn Society. She has published various articles and poetry. Currently, she is working on the first book of a supernatural horror series and a based on real-life fiction novella. When she is not writing she is dancing in her kitchen, drinking wine, and cuddling cats. If found outdoors she is probably chasing a dog to pet, or eating vegan ice cream.


Shawn Marshall
Shawn is not an original member of the Inkhorn Society but the party started when he arrived. A founder of his own theatre company which has produced works that he has written and directed for the Edmonton International Fringe Festival Shawn also loves to write run on sentences, use the word ‘funk” out of context, and swear by the Oxford comma. He is currently working on producing his first short film.

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